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The 15 Best Moments of EDC 2015

“In sync with the music and menacing to the tune of Emperor Palpatine, our electrokinetic costumed performer was hands-down the most eye-catching side-show of the weekend. He compelled bolts of lightning to link with his in-hand metal rods and lunged around a central Tesla coil coaxing it out and giving new meaning to the term

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SkyFire Arts Sizzle Reel 2017

Lightning Dancing, Lightning Throwing, Fire Dancing and variety acts as performed at: Jamsil Olympic Stadium for 5tardium, Warner Bros Gala, Playboy Mansion, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas & Brazil, Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, SkyFire Premiere in Malibu & Tourlink Conference in Palm Springs.

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Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2013

Michael Tam Wood teaching at LIB 2013.

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Warner Bros Gala

Skyfire performed on an elevated 17-by-40-foot truss frame using electrical currents generated from a 15-foot tesla coil. LOS ANGELES – In a town with dozens of events every week, party guests frequently follow a standard valet-bar-buffet-valet pattern. But on a particularly crowded night for parties in Hollywood, one bash offered attendees out-of-the-ordinary options like, say,

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SkyFire Logo

SkyFireArts Logo: Concept design by Michael Ravenwood, Drawing by Abhi Thati. The eye in the center represents our consciousness, which is the thing that quantum physicists have discovered transforms potentiality & probability into physical reality. The wings represent a relationship to the primal, animal world, the ability to ride the sky and freedom. The fire

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SkyFireArts Educational Offerings

Live Workshops –SkyFire – Staff Dance This class demonstrates how any artistic or athletic pursuit, in this case Staff Dancing, can be an opportunity for personal realization and fulfillment. We learn to focus our minds in ways that increase productivity & creativity, as well as how to move our bodies for maintaining health and vitality.

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Michael Ravenwood’s Teaching Biography & Experience

Bio Michael Ravenwood was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the Philippines & Singapore before coming to live in America. 30 years ago, he began studying Martial Arts and has trained in numerous styles including Karate, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu & Tai Chi. It was at that time that he also began practicing Meditation, and has

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SkyFireArts Educational Philosophy

Our presentations & workshops empower participants to enhance their life experience by increasing energy consciousness. Through gaining an awareness of how we are currently using our energy, we gain the power to express it in new ways. Our programs focus on developing knowledge of how we conduct energy in our every day lives, and how that translates into our

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