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  • Hi, Michael! Everyone had a great time last night and truly enjoyed your performances! Your group was talented and also a lot of fun, which made it all the better! Thank you for all you did to help us put on a fun event! We have had nothing but rave reviews! Well done! Thanks again. 
    Barbie B., Boy's & Girl's Club
  • What an amazing extra ooomph to add to any party! Michael and his team at SkyFireArts bring the hottness for sure! They were hired to entertain at a local Yelp event and were the toasty perfection on top of an awesome evening. From fire dancing to literally channeling lighting, you can make their performance as big or as intimate as your venue allows.
    Trish S., Yelp
  • Oh my god! so good! We thoroughly enjoyed watching the Skyfire performance! They are so gifted and fun. Would definitely recommend them for future bookings!
    Elizabeth M., San Diego
  • WoW! I’m impressed!
    I got to see Michael and his team performing on two different occasions and they put on quite a show. The fire act  is done so skillfully and its truly a magnetic performance to watch.The dance, choreography, costumes, the different props that he used made it an unforgettable show
    Natalya C., Various
  • Absolutely mesmerizing performances that combine fire and electricity to create memories that won’t soon be forgotten. Get as close as you can, it’s worth it to hear the snap and crackle as the currents jump around.
    Elise M., Los Angeles
  • …simply amazing… An experience I will never forget..
    Stephanie Sharrar-Norman, Los Angeles
  • I had the pleasure to experience SkyFire’s amazing Tesla coil show at a private back lot party at Warner Brothers Studios. It was nothing short of spectacular, the sights and sounds of this act in person makes one’s hair stand on end while plastering a smile on your face, truly a unique art form!
    Dayna Riesgo, Sr. Producer, Lucent Dossier, Warner Bros Gala
  • This team puts together one of the most impressive performances on the West coast of the US, and in the entire world!!

    Pictures and Videos do not do this act justice! It ought to be world famous already! After 5+ years of performing, and 15+ watching some of the best shows in the world, I’m surprised they aren’t already on the grandest of stages!

    They’re also incredibly amazing and genuine people, with charming and charismatic personalities. Super professional, and fun to work with. I cannot more highly recommend anyone for an incredible Tesla Coil show!!!

    Nathaniel Allenby, YouTopia Festival
  • SkyFire… let me just say.. WOW!  SkyFire takes performance art to a whole new level.  Each and every time I have seen Skyfire live, I have been nothing short of amazed, inspired and exhilarated!  The SkyFire crew strives for professionalism, safety and a whole lot of excitement!  I was absolutely floored to see them wield fire with lightning… absolute magic!  I have also been fortunate to see their performances combined with inspiring spoken word, that touched my heart in such a profound way.  SkyFire is an excellent addition to any special event… I highly recommend!
    Jennifer Q., Yelp review
  • …it was amazing…hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…
    Chris Berta, Malibu

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