Our Message

SkyFire Arts is a Los Angeles based fire and lightning performance company. Our mythical characters bring the elemental forces of nature to life in a spectacular production, inspiring awestruck audiences around the globe. Fire, light and high voltage electricity enhance the acrobatic poetry that drives our message: All of us are connected and empowered to create our destiny.

Our Inspiration…

440px-Tesla_circa_1890 Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the Tesla coil and without a doubt one of the world’s greatest scientific geniuses. Like Einstein, he was also a cultural visionary and hoped to see his discoveries transform the world in a positive way. Tesla was also a showman. We wish to honor his memory by creating innovative, spectacular performances that inspire audiences to be aware of how our choices conduct energy and create the future.


Our Mission is…

…to inspire & empower audiences with spectacular entertainment weaving acrobatics and technology.

Our Vision is…

…to establish an entertainment organization that holds residencies & produces touring shows internationally, encouraging sustainable culture around the globe.

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