SkyFireArts Educational Offerings

Live Workshops

–SkyFire – Staff Dance

This class demonstrates how any artistic or athletic pursuit, in this case Staff Dancing, can be an opportunity for personal realization and fulfillment. We learn to focus our minds in ways that increase productivity & creativity, as well as how to move our bodies for maintaining health and vitality. The initial workshop is a 3 hour intro that establishes the foundation of the practice. Thereafter, the classes are 2 hour sessions in which we refine the techniques and combine them into maneuvers that are performed to music.

–SkyFire – Values to Action

This class encourages students to systematically explore their lives for opportunities to improve efficiency and satisfaction. We move towards spending the most time doing the things we decide are of greatest importance to us, and letting go of patterns which no longer serve. Throughout the workshop, we establish a concrete plan to remain healthy and happy while supporting our families and living our dreams. The understanding is that every person has inherent value and potential, and it is by consciously tapping into the things which excite us that fulfillment and realization become effortless.

Private Lifestyle Consultations

SkyFire’s one on one private classes in energy consciousness are held either in person, or using video conferencing. These sessions begin with a client sharing their experience & getting familiar with how the concepts of the system apply to their lives. Following this, participants set up a realistic life development program and begin conducting their energy towards the realization of their dreams. This option makes our program available to people around the world who want to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by increasing awareness of energy flow. Whether through training in physical practices or guidance in developing value systems, this program offers a wealth of information and support.

Live Presentations

SkyFire offers lectures and talks on energy consciousness, permaculture and lifestyle. With a unique combination of performance art, philosophy, science and mysticism, our Creative Director & his esteemed guests convey a vision of our world in which anything is truly possible.

Corporate Training Programs

Experience our SkyFire workshops in an interactive environment that brings your team together in flow, harmony and fun. Taught by our Creative Director and his esteemed guests, your team will learn creative focus practices, stress management techniques and advanced concentration through our signature movement programs. These events are available at your location or as an immersive 1-3 day experience at a selected venue. This latter option can include delicious and healthy meals as well as spectacular and inspiring entertainment.